RANDOLPH, NJ – The Randolph Middle School’s production of Grease kicked off in unusual fashion when a fire alarm rang out during the first few minutes of Thursday nights’ opening performance.  The cast shrugged off the distraction ( Due to an over-sensitive heat sensor ) and delivered four fantastic shows over a three day period.

The show also survived Friday’s snow scare, and the students sang and danced through the weekend getting better with every scene and every show, which concluded with two Saturday performances, a matinee and a grand finale in the evening. ( SEE VIDEO SLIDE SHOW at end of Story )

"Working with this particular group of kids was extremely rewarding,” said musical director and seventh grade social studies teacher Rich Sackerman, “Their constant positivity and desire to succeed was great to work with, making every practice a real joy."

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It was evident to all in the audience that the students were having a great time performing the show.

“Play is one of the best experiences to have throughout the middle school years, as it creates friendships between everyone and encourages teamwork,” said Katie Dietrich, who played Sandy. “I have made many new friends and had the time of my life performing with them.”

Parents and others in attendance agreed that the show was a great replication of the movie that many of them saw in their teenage years. From the perfect ‘50s accents to the vibrant and colorful set designs, the whole show was executed well.

“Grease is a great show in general and I always loved to watch it,” said Chloe Troiano, who was a captain and played Jan. “Being a Pink Lady was such a cool experience.  The whole cast did great with their parts and I loved working alongside all of them.”

Notable performers include Tobey Todd as Danny Zuko, Katie Dietrich as Sandy, Isabella Dimichino as Rizzo, and Tommy O’Sullivan as Sonny La Tierri. The enthusiasm and emotion put into their parts could be felt throughout the show, and their outstanding singing and dancing drew rave reviews. 

“They all did a fantastic job,” said Tasha Delp, an eighth grade math teacher. “It’s always a good time seeing the kids perform.”

After intermission, the audience could not wait for the show to continue, and once it ended, the audience filled the room with an overwhelming applause; the audience was extremely pleased with this year’s RMS musical.

“The experience throughout the past three years has been amazing, said Isabella Dimichino, who played Rizzo. “To let go of something as special to me as this, is hard to believe. But I know in the end, just having the experience will be worth it."

Behind the scenes, the cast grows extremely close during the five months they spend rehearsing, and many feel the show becomes a “home away from home” due to the amount of time they spend together preparing to put on a marvelous show.

“These past two years of play have greatly impacted my life,” said eighth grader Hannah Keane, who plays Jen. “It’s great knowing that you have a family at home who supports you, then you get to go to a family at play who is always there for you as well.”

“We're all just one happy family that meet and  perform to make others feel good about life,” said Toby Todd, who played Danny. “It's a great place to be whoever, or whatever you want to be.”

Randolph families and friends who enjoy the arts can look forward to the RHS Spring Musical, Annie on March 17-18. Tickets are available at rhs.booktix.com.