RANDOLPH, NJ –Randolph Teachers brought their ‘A’ game as the World Famous Harlem Wizards alley-ooped their way into our town.    The Wizards came with their jam packed bag of tricks, crazy ball handling and insane slam dunks.   

Randolph teachers did not disappoint.  Strong defense and extraordinary efforts helped keep the score within a mere 20 point spread throughout the night.

The Randolph High School exploded with excitement, as the crowd of nearly 800 rose to their feet to cheer on their favorite players.  The Randolph Middle School roster boasted the talents of Mr. Platt, Mr. Sackerman, Mr. Siegel, and Mrs. Torres.  Joining their ranks were the show stopping moves of our district Principals including Mr. Burns, Mr. Kricheff,  Mr. Rodas and Ms. Soldivieri. 

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RMS Principal, Dr. Copeland attended the event and said, “The Wizards returned for a rematch with some of Randolph’s finest. There was tons of fun and excitement for all involved. The smiles on the faces of the children in attendance were priceless.  It was memorable time for families, friends, and all in attendance.”

The RMS PTO fundraiser led by Gina Drake, raised an impressive $7,000 for future Randolph Middle School initiatives.    The RMS PTO members were touched by the outpouring of support from the Randolph school district.   One member said, “It’s these events and fundraising efforts that not only enrich our children’s school experience, it brings us closer together as a community.” 

RMS  Students also raised $4,000 for the American Heart Association with Mr. Platt’s “Hoops for Heart” initiative.   Top earners got the once in a lifetime opportunity to play against “DP”, “Smooth”,  “Air Jamaica”,  “Flight” and other Wizards.  Other young attendees were selected to dance, play games and win Wizard prizes throughout the night.  A 6th grader said the event was, “Fun for everyone!”   

The Harlem Wizards' performance was another huge success for Randolph.