To Whom It May Concern:

Last Thursday I begin to feel/exhibit some of the known systems.  I watched my temperature, washed my hands, isolated and didn’t leave my home.

However on a Telemed appointment with my doctor about he quizzed me and determined I needed to take the test.  I fought him on this because I felt others deserved it more.  However, due to my age, previous health issues, a consistent high fever since Thursday, etc. he wouldn’t hear it and provided the necessary information. Before I go any further at each step I mouthed “thank you for doing this.”  I mean they are putting themselves at risk for all taking tests so I wanted to again, thank all of you for what you are doing.

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To say “I was impressed” is simply an understatement.  Numerous spots along the way you will see:  No Prescription, No appointment, No ID=No test.  You also saw signs:  Keep your windows completely closed at all times.

From the beginning through the end I felt safe, protected and the efficiency and speed was wonderful.  Of course I was nervous but the every person along every step was incredible:

               First stop:  Sign held up with phone number to call.  That was great because now I’m speaking with the person inside the tent who is verifying me and letting me know what’s next.  Speaking with an individual cut my anxiety by 50%.

Verification of I D.  Holding up:  Driver’s License, Print out of Appointment Confirmation and Prescription from Doctor.

                Second stop:   Now you are inside the tent where the test will be administered.  You are instructed to open the window slightly so they may swap your nostril.  For me, happened without incident and again, I gave thumbs up and thank you.

                Third Step:  You are provided and “After Visit Summary Packet” which I recommend you read.  I pulled into my driveway and before getting out and going inside I called the number on the packet.  Another nurse answered and once again, a wonderful experience.  I wanted to know more about how to protect the other person in the house, etc.  The basic response was to act as if you test positive until you hear otherwise.  Which means isolating/sequestering, no visitors, no going outside (unless your backyard etc.) and interacting with others. 


I just can’t thank everybody enough for this experience.  It was so painless, so efficient, so thorough and done by all of you volunteers. 

Thank you, Stay Safe, Wash your Hands,

Paul C. Ruck

Randolph NJ


Do The Five:

1.       Hands: Wash them often

2.       Elbow:  Cough into it

3.       Face:  Don’t touch it

4.       Space:  Keep safe distance

5.     Home:  Stay if you can