Randolph, NJ- In wake of the recent Ohio State shooting and past shootings on College campuses, premier indoor shooting range and training facility, RTSP feels it is important to continue to offer their course ‘Surviving a Mass Attack.’ They also want to make this course readily available to college students and their families. To do this, RTSP will be offering this course while students are on break from school.

RTSP offers a wide range of training defense courses available to the general public. One of their specialty courses, ‘Surviving a Mass Attack’ is a 3-4 hour course modeled after the Department of Homeland Security’s model of Run, Hide, Fight.

“The Ohio State University Campus Attack is exactly why we run courses like ‘Surviving A Mass Attack.’ Whether it is for your children, family or coworkers, everyone should know how to react in this type of high stress situation. "Run. Hide. Fight." is real and we can show you exactly how to use it and get yourself and loved ones out alive.” Said Owner Frederick Friedman.

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Using the most current data available, RTSP has constructed a cutting edge program, to inform their clients on how they can predict and possibly prevent active shooter events. Additionally, they inform their clients on what they should expect of law enforcement when they are responding to an active shooter event and how to protect themselves from becoming victims.   

As Northern New Jersey’s premier indoor shooting range, store, and training facility, RTSP provides an unparalleled venue for family and personal firearms enjoyment and education. Located in Randolph, New Jersey, RTSP occupies a 35,000 sq. ft. space – which includes a 15,000 sq. ft. training facility, 4,000 sq. ft. Shoot House, 900 sq. ft. Digital Simulator, and a 900 sq. ft. Dojo.


For more information on RTSP http://rtsponline.com