RANDOLPH, NJ - Both the Parks Committee and the Recreation Committee joined together on Tuesday for one of the two yearly combined meetings.

Council liaison Joanne Veech updated the committees on the recent township audit and road updates throughout Randolph.

“[The auditors] said it’s very boring for them because we’re in such good shape,” Veech said. “We’re really excited about the financial strength of this community, and you guys should all be really proud of that, as well.”

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Because of the township's large fund balance, Veech added that Randolph has paid cash for the road improvements each year, which means they will not pay interest on these projects.

Later, Parks Committee member Paul O’Malley reported on the work of the new Community Garden Subcommittee.

“I met with Joanne and Russ earlier this evening, not knowing that a lot of thought had gone into this years ago and engagement from the community in terms of the community garden,” O’Malley began. “There’s a lot of interested parties in town that we can potentially tap into. At this point in time, we’re doing more planning to make sure we have all the right elements considered.”

“All of this will funnel into the broader plan for Calais Park,” he continued. Over the next few months, the subcommittee will work on the design and solicit input from the community. “We’ll put together policies and issues, and several other things associated with governance [of the garden].”

“We know this will be one of the components of the park, and we don’t want to wait until the park opens and we have this garden and then determine the rules and how to assign spots,” said Recreation Director Russ Newman. “We just want all of that figured out in advance.”

“A lot of other towns have community gardens, and a lot of work has been done already: what works, what doesn’t work, and how can we do this as best as we can,” O’Malley concluded.

Recreation member Phil Sheehy added his personal interest in beekeeping, and he has hives in surrounding community gardens. O’Malley and Veech assured him they considered beekeeping for the garden, and will keep him in mind as plans solidify.