Municipal government is not particularly interesting for many.  It is difficult enough keeping track of the ongoing trials and tribulations taking place Washington and Trenton, and most people understandably have neither the time nor energy to keep tabs on the inner workings of their local government.  Yet the policies and decisions made by your local leaders have a direct and immediate impact on your daily life: levying of property taxes, provision of emergency services, garbage and recycling pick-up, basic utilities, local road maintenance and repair and animal control services.   Such important decisions should not be left to just anyone; they require smart, dynamic and decisive leadership that adequately reflects the breadth and diversity of values, culture and demographics within the community.

My name is Joshua Weiner, and I am running for the honor of providing you with such leadership as a member of the Randolph Township Council.  I similarly ran for a seat on the Township Council in 2018, where my running mates and I fell just short of ending the decades-long, one-party rule of the Republican Party in Randolph. 

Yet a lot has changed since 2018.  For the first time in quite a while, Randolph has more registered Democrats than Republicans.   Additionally, our community is experiencing a long-needed accounting of the systemic racial inequality and bigotry that continues to plague our country.  The State, country and indeed the world, are struggling to contain a pandemic that continues to reinvent the way in which we go about living our lives. 

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With such drastic changes to our collective soul comes the natural desire for a change in leadership.    One-party rule like we have in Randolph breeds conformity, with no dissenting voices allowed.   Yet our democracy can only thrive with respectful dissent, as it is dissent that creates the necessary ecosystem that allows for divergent viewpoints and contradictory philosophies to thrive and compromise to be born.   We believe our current leaders on the council do not countenance dissenting points of view.   For them, it’s their way or the highway.   That is no way to govern.  My running mates and I seek to change the way you have been governed and bring your voice back to the council table.

Our team (consisting of myself and fellow running mates David Timpanaro and Jeanette Hernandez) brings a unique blend of varying professional and cultural backgrounds that informs our political and economic philosophies. Combining our collective energies, we have developed and published a comprehensive policy platform addressing issues of inclusion and equality, cost-effective environmental initiatives and sound budgetary reform.  We believe in acting quickly and decisively in addressing the issues that affect us most.

For instance, this Spring, and at the height of the pandemic, my running mates and I learned that the Randolph Food Pantry was in dire need of food donations.  We immediately stepped into action, joining forces with a bipartisan group of concerned citizens to establish multiple donation drop-off points.  In only a few weeks, and through the gracious generosity of members of the community, we managed to stock the Randolph Food Pantry to the point where it no longer had any room for further donations.  With an obvious need elsewhere, we continued to solicit donations, enabling us to provide significant assistance to food pantries in the neighboring municipalities of Dover and Wharton.    If elected, our team intends on taking the same initiative in our role as council members.

This year, elect leadership that will bring the dynamic change and progress that Randolph deserves.  With its geographic size and large population, Randolph should be the dynamic and leading voice of Morris County.  The residents of Randolph deserve no less.