RANDOLPH, NJ - Registration will take place at the elementary school your child will be attending in September of 2014. 
The following days are designated for children who will enter Kindergarten at their home school in 
September 2014: 
 Ironia: February 3-7 Mrs. DelRe 973-584-8588 x3206 
 Shongum: February 10-14 Mrs. Delanoy 973-895-2322 x4206 

 Center Grove: February 18-21 Mrs. Lopez 973-361-7835 x1206 
 Fernbrook: February 24-28 Mrs. Vorhies 973-361-0660 x2206 
Please call the school nurse starting two weeks before the week of registration (Ironia – beginning 
January 21; Shongum – beginning January 27; Center Grove – beginning February 3; and Fernbrook – 
beginning February 10) to arrange for an appointment for registration. It is not necessary to have the 
child attend the registration. In the spring, a Kindergarten orientation program will be offered for you 
and your child. 
In order to facilitate the registration process, please pick up and complete the registration packet from 
the home school your child will be attending or download from the website at www.rtnj.org. 
We are asking parents of all children who meet the qualifications listed below to register on these days 
so that we may plan adequately in determining teacher needs, bus routes, and the school your child will 
The Board of Education rules governing qualifications for enrollment are: 
Parent or guardian MUST present: 
1. Proof of residency. Please see PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY FOR ADMISSION in the Registration 
2. The pupil’s OFFICIAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE WITH RAISED SEAL (not a hospital certificate) or a 
valid passport. A child must be five years of age on or before October 1st and must be in 
attendance during the first ten days of school. 
3. Completed immunization documentation SIGNED BY MEDICAL AUTHORITIES indicating:
a. The dates of four doses of diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus immunization (DPT or DTAP). 
There must be a minimum of four doses with one dose having been administered on or 
after the FOURTH birthday. Alternatively acceptable are the dates of five doses of DTP, 
DTaP, DTP/Hib, DTaP/Hib or DT (with a valid medical contraindication). 
b. The dates of a minimum of three doses of live, trivalent, oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV), or 
inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) either separately or in combination. One dose must 
have been administered on or after the FOURTH birthday or, alternatively, any 
appropriately spaced combination of four doses. 
c. A titer level or the administration of two doses of a live measles-containing vaccine, 
preferably MMR. The first dose must be administered on or after the child’s FIRST 
birthday and the second dose must have been administered no less than 28 days after 
the first dose. 
d. A titer level or one dose of live rubella virus vaccine or any vaccine combination 
containing rubella vaccine. This must have been administered either on or after the 
FIRST birthday 
e. A titer or one dose of live mumps virus vaccine or any vaccine combination containing 
mumps vaccine administered either on or after the FIRST birthday. 
f. The dates of three doses of hepatitis B vaccine or any vaccine combination containing 
hepatitis B virus appropriately spaced or a titer level or a physician’s written certification 
of past hepatitis B disease. 
g. One dose of varicella vaccine on or after the FIRST birthday or proof of disease immunity 
will be required of children 19 months of age or older in a child care center and those 
pupils entering Kindergarten or Grade 1 (whichever occurs first) born on or after January 
1, 1998. Children, whose physicians or parents submit a statement of past history of 
varicella disease or serologic evidence of immunity, will also be in compliance with the 
new rules. 
h. “Mantoux testing will be required for Kindergarten students entering the school system 
in the United States for the first time, if born in a high TB incidence country or 
transferring to the New Jersey school system directly from a high TB incidence country.” 
i. Students with documented negative Mantoux tuberculin skin test on or after age four 
will be exempt. Kindergarten students with a documented positive Mantoux will be 
required to submit documentation of the positive Mantoux and medical evaluation. 
4. A physical examination documented on the approved school district form, dated and 
signed by the child’s physician or nurse practitioner.
This examination must be done no  more than 365 days prior to school entry, September 2014. 
The above items must be completed in order for a child to begin school in September. It is 
recommended that the above records be submitted by June 1, 2014 in order to complete the 
registration process. 
If your neighbors have qualifying Kindergarten children and are not aware of these registration dates, 
kindly inform them.