RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph Township Schools is asking parents of children who will be entering kindergarten in the fall of 2017 to register their children at their home school. Each school will be offering a special kindergarten registration, but will accept registrations after those dates as well.

If parents are unsure of their child’s home school, they may contact the transportation department at (973) 361-0808 ext. 7100. To enter kindergarten in the fall of 2017, children must be five years of age before October 1, 2017. Parents are asked to call their home school and make an appointment. Registration has been scheduled at the following schools on the following dates:

Shongum Elementary School: January 30- February 3. Please call (973) 895-2322 ext. 4200.

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Ironia Elementary School: February 21-24. Please call (973) 584-8588 ext. 3200.

Center Grove Elementary School: February 6-10. Please call (973) 361-7835 ext. 1200.

Fernbrook Elementary School: February 27-March 3. Please call (973) 361-0660 ext. 2200.

Parents should call two weeks in advance to make an appointment if possible. Please note that it is not necessary for the child to attend the registration.

In April, each school will offer a special kindergarten orientation program for children and their parents. Children will meet the school’s kindergarten teachers, enjoy some fun activities and even get to ride a school bus. Parents will attend a special informational program and meet the school’s principals, PTO representatives and other staff and will learn all about the school.

For more information including a registration letter, and packet, please visit the rtnj.org website at this link: http://www.rtnj.org/Page/637