Dear Editor:

This year, I am celebrating 50 years of having lived in Randolph Township.  My children have gone through the Randolph public school system and I can honestly say that I love my community and am proud of how it’s grown and developed over the past 5 decades.  Since 2004, I’ve had an opportunity to become very involved in things which I’m passionate about here in town.  I have been a member of the Township’s Municipal Alliance Committee for roughly 2 years and its Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) for over 11 years, during which time I’ve become very active with our Share the Keys program that teaches RHS juniors how to be responsible and safe drivers.  My free time is also spent volunteering at the food pantry run by Randolph’s Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department.  Through all of this, I feel as though I’m contributing back to our community what it’s already given (and continues to give) my family and me.

I have also been a lifelong Republican and a firm believer in President Reagan’s famous Eleventh Commandment – “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican” – and support candidates for elected office who stick to that principle.  That is why I fully support former Randolph Township Mayor Roman Hirniak’s campaign for re-election to the Township Council.  Throughout this year’s Republican Primary, Mr. Hirniak and his supporters who have written letters to you have focused on his excellent record and qualifications.  That should come as no surprise, given the many years during which he has dedicated his time and leadership efforts not just to our Township and its Council, but also to the Republican Club (a former Vice President) and to the Republican Township Committee (of which he is the current Chairman, elected by his fellow Committee members).  I get very disappointed when I read letters to your readers which focus on attacking a particular candidate for office, instead of focusing on why I should instead consider voting for his or her opponents.  When did this become appropriate in our Township?  I’m now hearing that this silliness has even extended to the campaign trail.

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I first met Mr. Hirniak when he was appointed to the TAC while still a private citizen and got to know him very well after he was elected to the Township Council and become our Council Liaison.  Seeing him interact and work with our members, both on a personal and professional level, made our goals that much easier and more efficient to reach.  Kudos to him for committing to continue his efforts on the Township Council in making better the Randolph Township that I love so much. And kudos again to both him and his supporters for sticking to that Eleventh Commandment.  I will be voting for Roman Hirniak on June 5th and ask your readers to do the same!

Audrey Verona

10 Stonehill Road

Randolph, NJ 07869