Dear Editor:

My family and I have lived in Randolph Township for thirty-one years, during all of which I have been a volunteer firefighter with the Township Fire Department.  I’m very proud to say that my sons have followed in my footsteps and are or were also members of the Randolph Department.  Over several of those years, I was privileged to have been elected by my fellow firefighters as Randolph’s Fire Department Deputy Chief and then Chief of Department.  In addition, before moving to Randolph, I was a firefighter for ten years.  Currently, beyond my responsibilities as an active firefighter here in Town, I am the Vice Chairman of the Township Board of Adjustment.  Needless to say, during over four decades of public service, I have worked with dozens of elected officials and many Township Councils.  I write this letter to let your readers know a little about why I and my family are supporting former Township Mayor Roman Hirniak in his campaign for re-election to the Randolph Township Council.

It’s fair to say that many candidates for all levels of office are happy to say all sorts of things to get elected.  More often than not, after successfully getting elected, they fall off the face of the earth.  Roman is a major exception to that rule.  I’ve spoken to many of my colleagues on the Department and each of them has commented about not remembering the last time a Council Member who himself or herself is not a member of the Department, paid such close attention to our equipment needs and participated in so many of our drills.

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Just naming a few:  Roman has put on an Ice Rescue suit during the winter and gone into Randolph Lake to participate in an ice rescue drill – both as a victim and a rescuer.  He’s cut the roof off of a vehicle with a new jaws-of-life piece of equipment that we were testing.  He and several firefighters went into the County Fire Training Academy’s fire simulation building, with hoses, to practice putting out a house fire.  He’s trained with a special circular saw in a drill on how to properly cut through the roof of a burning building.  And he’s participated in or spoken at many drills which we hold throughout the year at our four firehouses.

My concept of what makes a truly dedicated elected official is not one who just talks about being interested in something.  I believe that the true leaders in our community, those who can motivate others to act, are the ones who follow through with action.  With regard to our Fire Department, Roman has done that in spades.  Other residents in Town will tell you the exact same thing when it comes to groups and organizations in which they’re involved.  He’s not just a talker … he’s a doer.  This is what I want to see from my elected officials.  That’s why he’s earned my family’s and my full support and why I’m writing this letter asking your readers to support him as well.  Vote for Roman Hirniak on June 5th!

Kevin Dunn

347 Center Grove Road

Randolph, NJ 07869

(973) 945-9159