Dear Editor,

I am excited to support the team of Forstenhausler, Loveys, Potter, and Nisivoccia for Randolph Township Council. I grew up in Randolph and this team is ready and able to continue the hard work that has made Randolph such a great place to grow up.

I’ve worked personally with Jim Loveys on the Municipal Alliance Committee. Mark has protected our community on the Fire Department, Marie served as President of the Republican Club and on the Board of Adjustment and Lou is the President of the Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Their selfless service and dedication to our community could not be clearer and their unique experiences will help Randolph continue to thrive.

On Election Day, June 5, vote the team of Mayor Mark Forstenhausler, former Mayor Jim Loveys, Marie Potter, and Lou Nisivoccia for Randolph Township Council.

Thank you!

Sydney Ugalde

Chair, Morris County Young Republicans

120 Quaker Church Rd.