As a former Mayor and 10 year council member of Randolph Township I would like to address some inaccuracies recently stated by Freeholder Tom Mastrangelo as he runs for reelection.  His assertion that Randolph Township is a financial mess is totally false.  In August 2015 Moody’s Investors Services upgraded Randolph Township’s outstanding long-term general obligation debt rating, from Aa1 to the highest rating Aaa.  Moody’s cited Randolph’s conservative fiscal management, strong financial policies and practices, ample reserve levels and low debt as the basis for this rating.  Randolph has already enjoyed a triple A rating from Standard and Poor’s (it’s highest rating) for many years.  Of the 565 towns in New Jersey,  fewer than 20 enjoy the top triple A rating from both rating agencies.  Randolph is one of the elite few.  As a result when Randolph borrows money it does so at the lowest rate, a significant savings for Randolph taxpayers.   The rating is an acknowledgement of the very strong financial position Randolph enjoys.  It is a testament to the strong conservative leadership of the current Republican council and previous Republican councils.  For 2015 Randolph Township had the sixth LOWEST municipal per person tax rate of the 39 municipalities in Morris County.  Those are the facts, not the fiction Mr. Mastrangelo has put forth.