I would like you to consider writing my name in, THERESA FOGEL, for one of the three Randolph Board of Education positions up for election next week on Election Day, November 8th. It would be for a three year term.

I have been a Randolph resident for the past 20 years and have been a parent of school aged children for the past 7 (one 2nd grader and one 6th). 

I have my Bachelor's Degree in English from Rutgers and my Master's in Teaching from William Paterson. I have worked in corporate for 20 years, 10 of those years as a Technical Writer, before changing careers to become a teacher.

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I was a middle school English teacher for 4 years prior to having my children, and I have recently worked as a substitute teacher in the Randolph Schools. I am currently working as an Adjunct English Professor at the County College of Morris.

When not teaching, I have spent time volunteering in the Randolph School District. I have served on the Fernbrook PTO Board as a Recording Secretary for one year and two years as the President. I have also participated in PTO Council meetings and functions. Having a working knowledge of how some of the schools function, through my experience both in and as a support to the schools, is my strength. 

If elected to take one of the Randolph Board of Education positions, I would bring my teaching experience and my knowledge of the schools to the Board's decision making table. I have met many parents through my volunteering and heard many opinions and voices. I will take those voices and opinions with me, as well. There needs to be more than one voice at that Board table from an elementary and middle school perspective, and, along with your support, I would like to be that voice. 

If you would like to write my name in (THERESA FOGEL) as a member of our Board of Education, I'd be honored to represent you in that capacity. If you'd like to spread this email around to get more supporters, feel free, and if you've received this email in error, my apologies.

Please follow the directions below, and write me in Tuesday. 

Thanks for your consideration.

Theresa Fogel