RANDOLPH, NJ- Back on Jan. 27, Eleventh Hour Rescue on Route 10 in Randolph, sent out an alert on a lost dog they had just a day earlier taken in.  They contacted TAP into Randolph to send out a story and a photo on the TAP news page and FB page to help spread the word around town.  After enlisting volunteers to hand out fliers and conduct search parties, the story has a good ending. 

A message from Eleventh Hour is below:  

Marley, a little 15 lb terrier mix, survived the brutal temperatures and snowy weather for 11 days when she escaped from a fenced in play yard.

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The volunteers of Eleventh Hour Rescue began tracking her within minutes of her disappearance and followed her footprints to an industrial area about a quarter mile away, but eventually lost her trail. Over the next couple of days the volunteers of EHR and members of the community continued searching for Marley. Fliers were posted and volunteers went door to door letting people know about Marley and giving them information on who to call if they spotted her.

We paid to have a pet amber alert go out on her too. Once it was determined what area she was in, EHR solicited the help of a professional trapper and set out traps and trail cameras and followed the instructions given to them. John from Alpine Deere Landscaping was kind enough to allow us to do this on his property. Unfortunately some other people who were searching for Marley spooked her out of that area and we had to start from square one and try to find her new location.

We had sightings and set up traps in the new spot but again she was scared out of the area. We were getting more sightings, seeing tons of new footprints and felt she was becoming more desperate with each passing day. So were we. Finally on day 11 we got the call that we had been waiting for. Marley had collapsed in someone's yard from exhaustion and they were holding her for us.

Erika the ACO for Randolph went to pick her up for us and was kind enough to drop her at the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains so she could be looked over. She was very underweight, had some type of infection but no frost bite. She was given fluids, antibiotics and was fed.  A volunteer picked her up that night to foster her, and she is recuperating and doing well...gaining weight and confidence and “loving life."

A big “Thank You” goes out to all who spread awareness by sharing the story on FB, and to all who volunteered suggestions, ideas, and their time in the search process for Marley.