MORRISTOWN, NJ- On Sunday Sept. 10 the Gran Fondo, NJ cycling event brought nearly 2,400 cyclists to Morristown to participate in one of six different routes throughout Morris County. After pedaling for as many as 107 miles, the cyclists’ muscles were fatigued and tight. Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center, as host of the “Recovery Zone” provided wellness stretches for the athletes to aid in recovery.

Randolph Pain Relief partnered with the County College of Morris’s Professor Mike Paul who teaches exercise science and kinesiology. Professor Paul recruited students to work side by side with Randolph Pain Relief doctors and providers. This was a rare opportunity for the students to gain hands-on, practical experience out in the field.

“My students love coming to this event,” stated Professor Paul. “The majority of students from my two classes took a shift. They’ll be getting extra credit for attending.”

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Theresa Chavis, a student from Professor Paul’s class last year volunteered to stay the entire day. “I love this event,” she said, having attended last year as well. She instructed all the cyclists she worked on to take a nice hot bath with Epson Salts and do further stretching to avoid soreness.

Dr. David Simon, co-owner of Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center and a member of the CCM Exercise Science committee trained the students in their classroom prior to the event. “They seemed to already have all the knowledge they needed to perform the stretches, but I enjoyed being in the classroom and witnessing the excitement of the students in being a part of an event like the Gran Fondo.” He continued, “I knew they’d do a great job. These are smart, professional, well-educated kids.”

Not just a win-win for Randolph Pain Relief and CCM, this partnership also included Marty’s Reliable Cycle, the host bicycle shop of the Gran Fondo, NJ. “Year over year, our event ranks in the top three Gran Fondos in the country and having a well-run Recovery Zone is huge,” said Marty Epstein, founder and co-event director of the Gran Fondo, NJ.

"Over the course of the day, our participants rode the combined equivalent of 5.6 times around the earth and climbed the equivalent of 395 Mount Everests”, said Bill Ruddick, Executive Director of Gran Fondo, NJ. “That’s a lot of lactic acid to work from their muscles at the end of the day, so the team in our recovery zone is greatly appreciated.”

Marshall Keener, one of the cyclists who participated in the service smiled as he left the tent. “Wow! That felt great!” he said. “As a cyclist, it's so nice to have someone stretch your muscles after a hard ride.” When asked how he felt about being stretched by a student he said, “The CCM students were well-trained and did a great job working the riders. I, for one, really appreciated the service!”

Professor Paul, Dr. Simon and Mr. Epstein all plan to continue the partnership for the 2018 Gran Fondo, NJ which is scheduled for Sunday, September 9th. Another win-win-win for these local organizations.