When my wife Jill and I had a chance to move anywhere in Northern New
Jersey five years ago, we chose Randolph. I believe we shared the same
priorities as most people – a safe community in which to raise our son and
the desire for him to receive a quality education.  It has been five years
now, and I know we made the right choice. In regards to safety, there have
been times where we have needed to rely on police, fire and even the first
aid squad when an emergency hit our home. I can tell you that my family is
grateful to those first responders who delivered the highest level of
service as well as compassion, even when called in the middle of the

As for a quality education, I could not have selected a group of more
dedicated teachers than those that have taught my son throughout
elementary school. He recently started in the middle school and I have
great expectations. What concerns me is not the quality or dedication of
our teachers, but how challenging issues are addressed and priorities are
set. As far as issues are concerned, if elected, I plan to ask tough
questions on decisions that have and will impact our kids as well as our
property values. I do not see increases in state funding coming from
Trenton any time soon, but if you elect me to the Board of Education, I
will go to Trenton and speak out for our fair share.

Not every child will be college bound when they graduate high school. I
want to make sure that those who choose college are well prepared. When
students choose a path directly into the workforce, I want to ensure that
we taught them the skills that employers are seeking, helping them to land
good paying jobs. For those children at risk, we need to identify them
earlier, giving their parents a greater voice in their educational plan, and
helping each of them to find their "greatness" as well.

When it comes to bullying and intimidation, at school or online, we cannot
do enough to ensure the safety and well being of every one of our
children. I want Randolph to set the "Gold Standard," when it comes to the
safety of our students, delivering the best educational experience possible.

Finally, I will find out why, in only two years, our high school has
dropped 20 places in the rankings of the New Jersey Monthly “Best High
Schools in New Jersey”.* Families look at these rankings when they choose
a place to live. You can count on me to get the answers; and once I have
the facts, I will recommend the necessary changes to get Randolph where it
deserves to be – at the top of the list.

That is why I, Rich Goldberg, am asking for your vote on November 4th. I appreciate your