It’s a pleasure to announce that the Randolph Township Council unanimously adopted the 2017 municipal budget at the Council’s April 27 work session. This adoption represents the culmination of many months of outstanding work by Town Manager, Steve Mountain, Chief Financial Officer, Darren Maloney, and the various department heads in the municipal organization. 

For the first time since 2002, this year’s budget does not include an increase in the municipal tax levy. In fact, the average residential property taxpayer in Randolph will pay $21.55 less in municipal taxes in 2017 versus 2016. The 2017 budget maintains the high level of municipal services provided in Randolph while significantly investing in infrastructure, such as roadways and sewer, and adhering to conservative fiscal principles and policies.

Taking a closer look at some of the key expenditures, approximately 4% of the municipal budget is allocated to Randolph’s Open Space and Recreation Trust Fund, while the Randolph Library receives approximately 6.6% of the municipal budget per New Jersey’s dedicated municipal library funding formula. The remaining appropriations support all Township services and facilities.

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Randolph Township employs 121 full-time and 47 part-time staff throughout the municipal organization supporting various departments, such as:

  • Police & Emergency
  • Public Works
  • Court Administration
  • Health & Code Enforcement
  • Parks, Recreation & Community Services
  • Water and Sewer

Salaries, health insurance, and pensions for employees comprise 54% of total budget expenditures and are the primary driver in the annual budget. 

Road maintenance is a priority of the Township, and the budget includes an appropriation of $1.0 million for this year’s road overlay program. Based on analysis and review of all municipal roads in Randolph, a priority list of roads that will be included in this year’s overlay program was generated by township staff and approved by the Council.

Capital improvement expenditures include new and replacement equipment and vehicles for the Police and Fire Departments, Parks and Recreation, Department of Public Works and the Rescue Squad. Facility improvements will be undertaken at Randolph Lake Park, the VFW and the outdated phone system at Town Hall will be replaced. 

Funds from the Open Space and Recreation Trust Fund will be used for various improvements to Randolph parks, while the main expenditure in 2017 from the Open Space and Recreation Trust Fund will be the design of the new park planned on Calais Road.

As the Township continues to expand sewer access, the dedicated Sewer Fund will be used to support the upgrade of the Meadowbrook Pump Station and complete the final phase of the Butterworth Improvement project.

Overall, the final, adopted budget provides a solid roadmap for Randolph in 2017.