RANDOLPH, NJ- One of the most important roles of our service-based municipal organization, Randolph Township, is keeping residents and visitors safe.  Traffic related issues, including: congestion; excessive speed; the need for intersection improvements or added controls; and parking restrictions are among the most frequently discussed safety considerations.

The Randolph Township Traffic Advisory Committee, consisting of community volunteers appointed by the Township Council, was formed several years ago to identify and help resolve resident traffic issues and concerns.  The committee, when needed, works closely with the Council and Township Manager’s Office in determining the appropriate municipal department to assist in carrying out their purpose.  Monthly meetings, open to the public, are held at the municipal building and residents are encouraged to attend and communicate any traffic related issues.  A liaison to the Randolph Township Police Department attends each meeting, reports on traffic data compiled during the month, and reviews Department strategies implemented to address prior concerns raised.  

The Police Department utilizes its various Divisions to address specific complaints.  In the case of reported speeding issues, the Administrative Division may utilize their speed trailer, a radar-equipped unit that provides the speed of passing vehicles, and conduct traffic studies to determine if additional traffic signals, signs, or calming devices may be warranted.  If needed, the Department will step-up enforcement in an effort to curtail violators.  However, this can be a double edged sword, as often times those exceeding the speed limits on our residential streets are us, township residents.  We can assist in efforts to keep our community safe by observing the speed limit and driving distraction free.  As to parking violations or parked vehicles obstructing traffic flow, the Department can be contacted and its Patrol Division will be dispatched to assess the situation.  Please visit the Department’s web page for a host of information and services offered.  You will find an online form and various municipal ordinances pertaining to traffic and safety by clicking on the Police tab located on the Randolph Township website. 

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Along with our local roads, Randolph is responsible for traffic enforcement on our county and state owned roads.  Although congestion continues on Sussex Turnpike during rush hour, the county improvements to Sussex Turnpike in the Mount Freedom area have greatly improved traffic flow.  The same can be said about the re-stripping of Dover Chester Road years ago.  As to Route 10, the Township Council, manager, and staff have worked diligently this past year with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) on traffic and safety issues as they relate to the roadway’s four primary intersections in town.  During the course of several meetings and onsite visits, specific improvements have been identified.  Some, such as the re-timing and split-phasing of traffic signals have been implemented.  Although stop time may suffer slightly, overall safety is improved by alternating traffic lanes crossing Route 10 and associated left turn movements.  NJDOT engineers continue to monitor the timing and will refine for more efficient travel.  Other improvements are capital intensive and several years out, such as creating eastbound/westbound left turn lanes on Route 10 at the Dover Chester Road intersection.  The township is doing all it can to advocate for, and impress upon the NJDOT the importance of these needed improvements, particularly in light of the anticipated future residential development along the corridor.  In the end, however, the township neither controls nor funds Route 10.    

I thank the Traffic Advisory Committee and Randolph Township Police Department for all their efforts to keep our community a safe place to live, work, and play.  As always, reach out to me or any other council member with questions or concerns.  My cell phone number is 201-400-6747 and email address is jloveys@randolphnj.org.  Enjoy the winter and holiday season with family and friends, and be safe!




Jim Loveys