RANDOLPH, NJ- Members of Randolph Township's emergency service units volunteered their time to present an evening of education to the Randolph Boy Scout troops.

Randolph fire Company No. 2, No. 4, and No. 5, along with the Randolph police department and rescue squad, put their vehicles and equipment on display in the parking lot of the Millbrook firehouse and held small group discussions with the troops.

“Boy Scouts is anchored on volunteering, and when troop 53 held a car wash at the firehouse this past summer, it started to rain so I took the boys inside,” said Steve Fogel, Assistant Scout Master for Troop 53.  “They got really excited about seeing all the trucks and equipment.  That gave me the idea to have a fire service tonight and invite all the troops in town together.”

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Fogel reached out and did a quick survey of the leaders from the other three troops in town, 50, 109, and 166, and found there was great interest so they quickly arranged to pick a day that worked for all.

“I think it's a great way for all the troops in town to get together and do something as a big group and learn about service to our community, said Nicholas Agostin, a senior member of Troop 109.  When asked about some of the typical activities his troop does, he stated, “During the year our troop does food drives, helps clean up the community, there's a trail over in Hedden Park that we help maintain, and we also do camp at service projects.”

After gathering inside the bay of the firehouse for a welcome message and discussion of the events of the evening, the troops broke up into smaller groups and headed out side, where they moved from station to station getting small discussions

“I'm a big fan of exposing the scouts to different vocations whether that be that we volunteer or paid,” said Fogel.  “Any one of these scouts may come out of this wanting to be a volunteer for our town, or pursue a paid career in one of the services.”

The grand finale of the evening saw all the troops gather as one big group to watch the fire department take out a variety of tools, including the “Jaws of life”, and subsequently demonstrated their use by destroying a donated Volvo station wagon.

"A demonstration like this has definitely taught us a lot of things, and could possibly inspire kids to join services like the fire department, rescue squad, police or others,” said Jason Erbentraut of Troop 166, who is soon to be an Eagle Scout.  “I would say the demolition part at the end, watching them tear the car apart, was the most interesting part of the evening.”