RANDOLPH - A new summer program under the direction of one of Morris County’s most esteemed tutoring services is set to launch at the end of this month.

Morris Academy (formerly Morris-Sussex Tutoring) was established in 2007 by certified educators John Misiunas and Jim Moen.

Since then, Morris Academy has expanded its staff to include an experienced team of teachers, guidance counselors and education professionals. Misiunas said that “since the beginning, Morris Academy has been dedicated to providing students of all ages and abilities with the necessary tools to meet their individual education goals.”

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Now, the Academy is poised to offer a new experience to help students enjoy the traditional aspects of a recreational summer program while developing skills such as logic, critical thinking, literacy and creative reasoning.

“Each two-week session is based upon a theme designed to trigger a student’s imagination, encourage them to explore various areas of interest and appreciate the fun of learning,” Moen said.

In addition to a combined total of over 35 years as educational professionals, both Moen and Misiunas say that they are parents first.

“I have three daughters who all have a very different approach to learning,” Moen said. “My oldest daughter would spend the afternoon writing adventure stories and creating new worlds. My middle daughter, meanwhile, would prefer to spend the afternoon at the edge of a stream, looking for frogs. My youngest, is a mixture of the two of them. She is a logical thinker with passion for the arts. As they learned, I learned with them to better understand how each of them viewed the world.”

Misiunas commented “My two boys, aged 8 and 5 years old, are involved in almost every sport available to them and have also developed a passion for reading by having the opportunity to explore whatever interests them.  It’s great to see both of my boys look forward to reading to their parents every night.

Misiunas said that the summer session will embrace the same Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) initiatives that the students have been working with throughout the school year.

“The summer sessions are really intended to help each student discover their own potential through whatever means is most organic for them,” he said. “We’re here to provide the materials and the tools. What they make out of those resources is really up to them.”

The summer sessions, set to begin on June 26, will be open to students in grades 1-8.

Each two-week session will be designed around a unique theme intended to spur creative learning and cooperative thinking.

Available programs for younger students in grades 1-4 include Young Detective (in which students will be encouraged to learn the art of deductive reasoning, solve mysteries, write detective stories and participate in a literary escape room) The second session is themed Fairy Tales and Monsters (where students will discover new favorite stories, write and illustrate their own tales, and use motion and movement to gain a better appreciation for the world of folklore and magic). The third session is Just Imagine. “Just Imagine is about using math and science to create a project,” Moen said. “All great inventions have come from a mixture of logic and creativity, and that is what we will be looking to explore with this program.”

Older students in grades 5-8 will be able to choose from Crime Scene Investigation (A program inspired by classic works of literature like Sherlock Holmes and modern twists like ‘C.S.I. in which students will act the role of the detective to examine historic and fictional cases and using various methods of forensic science), Future Innovators (a program that explores the way things work by using scientific methods, hands-on discovery and plenty of creativity) and Film Fest (a program for budding film buffs that will include learning to understand movie composition, writing and reading movie scripts, and a cumulative project in which students will create their own film projects that family and friends will be invited to come see).

“No two sessions are alike, so students would be more than welcome to attend as many as they like within their age groups,” Misiunas said. “We have been working very hard to develop a program that covers all the bases, and I think it’s going to be a great summer.”

Registration is now open for all sessions.

For more information about the summer session programs at Morris Academy, by email at morrissussex@gmail.com,  by phone at 973-750-8378 or through their website at morrissussex.com.