MORRISTOWN, NJ - Unity Charter School’s social studies teacher, Lindsey Daly, was recently nominated for a fellowship through, The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, which is working in partnership with the Institute of Play in New York.  The fellowship will allow Lindsey to take part in an intensive instructional program over the summer in Princeton, New Jersey.

According to, “The program aims to use the power of games, play, and digital tools to transform both teacher practice and student engagement.”  “I'm really excited to be nominated for the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship. The opportunity to network with, and learn from other teachers is incredible. My goal in the classroom is to make the material engaging for students and to enhance learning. Through this fellowship, I will be able to acquire new techniques to maximize student engagement in social studies,” said Lindsey.

Unity Charter School was established in 1998 with the mission of educating students through the use of constructivist and experiential learning opportunities.  This type of instruction is among the most rigorous and it allows students to make sense of information, while developing the ability to apply content out of context, which moves students away from linear thinking and allows them to make greater cross curricular connections.  A program that allows teachers to use the power of games and digital tools, is a program that has the ability to cognitively engage students, and address the demands of living in a more interconnected global society, once they graduate. 

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“I enjoy teaching history because the study of other people and cultures fosters compassion, empathy and awareness in young people. Studying history allows students to learn from the past, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and plan for the future. Teaching the new generation of students is very different and requires highly engaging lessons,” said Lindsey.  

According to a recent study from Northern Illinois University, “Millennials are the most diverse generation we have had to teach, thus our approaches to teaching must be diverse. Millennials expect to be engaged in their learning, they do not do well being passive learners.”  For this reason, having a teacher experienced in the use of digital tools can transform and build a teacher’s practice further.