Dear Editor,  

I am writing this letter in response to last night’s decision by the Randolph Board of Education to fully support Superintendent Fano despite recent concerns brought forth by the Randolph Education Association and parents. Despite the Board’s decision, there remains unresolved concerns in the Randolph School District. Regardless of the Board members’ beliefs, the fact that the majority of the Randolph Education Association believes there are problems cannot go unnoticed. True, false or somewhere in the middle, the perception is that there are problems.

My question to the Randolph Board of Education this morning is this: You have determined that you fully support the Superintendent. How are you supporting the district’s teachers and administrators during this time of distress? How are you addressing and resolving the following concerns:

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  • An overwhelming majority of Union members voted they have ‘no confidence’ in their superintendent
  • Many good teachers, some being the best and brightest, have left or will leave the district
  • Staff morale is at an all time low
  • Staff report working in a hostile environment

These issues are significant enough that hundreds of parents and teachers attended last night’s meeting to express their concerns. I hope these concerns have not fallen on deaf ears. Most certainly, the issues teachers are referring to will impact their ability to provide the best education possible for our children. Working in a stressed and unsupported environment is not the environment I wish my children to be a part of. The result is anxious teachers and worse case scenario, turnover of teachers due to resignations, followed by unhappy and stressed children.

My hope in contacting the Board is to quite frankly, get some answers. As a parent, I am frustrated and astounded that our district yet again has found itself in turmoil. Thank you to BOE member, Chris Treston for responding to and acknowledging my concerns via a letter I emailed each board member yesterday. His response was appreciated. I hope to hear back from the Board regarding the above mentioned questions. As a parent, I have a right to ask my Board of Education questions, provide feedback, support the Board, support our teachers and engage in productive conversation all in the name of what’s best for our children and teachers. Thank you to the Board of Education for the work you do as volunteers, as it is much appreciated.



Teresa Macaluso