Randolph, NJ- Mary Alice and Rich Shiller of Randolph, are neighbors of Paige Shannon. Paige’s daughter Rebecca, was diagnosed with Leukemia in August 2012 and it’s been an emotional and financial strain on the family.

The Shiller’s recently hired Creo Construction of Chester, for new windows and siding on their home. At a meeting with Creo’s Sam Courtright, they mentioned that their neighbor, Paige, had a leaky roof and asked if there’s anything that he could do to help given the family’s stressful situation. Understanding her plight, Sam took the request to his boss, John Creo. Having had cancer strike John’s own family and knowing the toll it takes, Creo told Paige that he’d replace the roof at no charge.

“We contacted Myles Kelly, a roofing materials distributor in Chatham, and they donated all the materials. I wasn’t surprised that Kelly would make this generous donation, that’s just the kind of company they are,” stated John.

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Since the roof  had been leaking, some of the interior walls were also damaged. When John Keane, a general contractor we work with learned about the damage, he stepped in and repaired the walls at no charge. “Had the Shiller’s not been looking out for their neighbor, we never would have known about the situation Paige was in,” stated Sam.

“Unfortunately, there are many more families who could use a helping hand,” said Creo. “We’re just glad we were in a position to help Paige.”

Perhaps the best news is that the day before Creo replaced the roof, Rebecca was at the hospital and her Leukemia is still in remission.