RANDOLPH, NJ- A group of nine Randolph high school baseball players volunteered their time to assist coaching and teaching youth players in a new township "fall baseball" program.

The Randolph Rec Department, through the Randolph Baseball Committee, started a fall baseball team for 13 and 14 year olds.  The team helps serve as an introduction to the transition from the smaller Little League fields (46-60 feet) to the big diamond (60-90 feet).

Craig Eagleson was the head coach of the team, assisted by Dave Tamres.  Additional help was provided by Dave Hamilton and Dave Wilson. 

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The high school players who taught and mentored the team were organized by RHS Senior Jake Barbiere, and the coordination of the program was facilitated by Tamres, Eagleson, and Bob Barbiere.

“Each practice, we had anywhere from two to six high school juniors/seniors from the varsity baseball team come to lead practice and do the instruction,” said Tamres.  “I can't say enough about how helpful and impressive they have been as instructors and role models.”

The group worked tirelessly with the younger players teaching them how to run the bases, take effective leads and steal on pitchers and catchers.  They also brought many of the drills that they use from their high school practices, covering all other aspects of fielding, positioning, and batting.

“The high school players had great impact on the younger players, dramatically improving each kids game,” said Tamres.  “They improved the team as well, by teaching them all how to play as a unit. Most importantly, they were great role models for the boys to aspire to, showing them the value of hard work and practice.”

Many of the youth players said after the season that they are now more confident to play at the high school level.  Some of them aspire to be part of the Randolph high school baseball program, and the education and experience they received on this team will help.  The mentorship of the older kids should also make younger players more prepared for the high school game, helping to ensure that the HS team will stay strong for years to come.

The boys from the Randolph High School varsity baseball team who helped were: Jake Barbiere, Matt Krinick, Jack Carroll, Trevor Salvior, Brett Flynn, Chris Susini, Nick Zanghellini, Cameron MacHale, Robby La Penna.