RANDOLPH, NJ- NoBle, an anti-bullying organization based in Randolph, was formed back in the spring of 2017 by residents Gary and Heather Baumwoll and is directed at township students of all ages. 

NoBle plans to organize events, presentations, and meetings designed to help kids of all ages with self-esteem and fitting in. 

The group hosted a meeting at the Randolph library in August, and is currently promoting a Book Club for “There is No Room For You Maddie Morrison,” written by Dale Baumwoll when she was a teacher in the Randolph Schools. 

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Another meeting is set for Sept 19.  Anyone interested can pick up a free book at Baumwoll Orthodontics, and get inspired by its themes which are about fitting in, listening to parents' advice and being a good friend to others.

Residents can stop by Baumwoll Orthodontics Office on Routh 10 west ( at the corner of Millbrook ) to get a copy and sign up for the book club, or they can call the office for any further information.  The book is a short read, and should not take more than a day or two to complete, so there is still time to get it and participate.