JERSEY CITY, NJ - Commuters throughout northern New Jersey will be affected by the closure of the Pulaski Skyway beginning this weekend.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation is scheduled to begin a major rehabilitation of the deck of the 81-year-old Pulaski Skyway on Saturday The work will keep the Skyway closed to northbound traffic for about two years.

During construction, the shoulder of eastbound Newark Bay-Hudson County Extension will operate as a part-time travel lane during the Pulaski Skyway closure.The system includes 11 overhead signs that will convey information to motorists about the status of the shoulder.
The Newark Bay-Hudson County Extension (NBHCE) is an 8.49-mile spur that connects the mainline of the Turnpike at Interchange 14 to the Holland Tunnel. Interchanges 14A (Bayonne) and 14B and 14C (Jersey City) are located on the NBHCE. The Extension carries the I-78 route designation. The Extension has two travel lanes in each direction. Using the eastbound shoulder as a travel lane will effectively increase capacity for eastbound traffic by 50 percent.