The Following is a Letter to the Editor sent to TAP regarding the Superintendent search:

A 3/30/16 email from Randolph School District titled “Randolph Board of Education Issues Superintendent Search Update”  states they will be announcing a "finalist" for the superintendent position at a public meeting on April 12th and at that meeting the public can ask questions but does not name the finalist.

The announcement begs the question: Why keep the name of the finalist a secret? Quite a few people are voicing their concern regarding the way the Randolph Board of Ed is announcing the "finalist" for the school superintendent's position but at the same time keeping this person's name secret from the public ahead of the April 12th meeting. The obvious concern is the board of ed doesn't want to give the public time to potentially dig up some dirt or otherwise be prepared to ask the board and the proposed superintendent knowledgeable questions on April 12th.

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This Board of Education recent history calls into question their judgement on such matters. Consider the Board agreed to a sizeable contract with the disgraced former Superintendent David Browne just five months before his scandal became too public for the board to resist anymore despite all the rumors of his unprofessional activities during school time. This Board of Ed is now is trying to spring the new superintendent's name a secret from the public.

A pattern is developing by the members of the Randolph Board of Ed that is not in the best interest of the public and is seeding distrust. They should have disclosed the finalist's name with the notice scheduling of the meeting on April 12th so that the public is prepared before the meeting. Since they kept this person's name a secret, the assumption of some is they have something to hide.

The public should call on the Board of Education of Randolph Township to immediately make this person's name public. That's called transparency, honesty and is in the public's best interest.