Hi Editor, With your help, we need to create visibility for Abby & Lily to find that special person or family who wants to give these senior sisters the loving home they deserve together!  And one of your readers could be Abby and Lilly's HERO! 

I can be contacted at 973-895-9160 email FHDR@att.net

Meet Abby & Lily,

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These sweet siblings were adopted to the same furever home when they were puppies. Abby and Lilly had a wonderful home for years until their owner passed away unexpectedly. They are currently in foster care and looking for their furever home. They are so lovable! Abby and Lilly are about 10 years old and are up-to-date with vetting and are house trained. They love affection and like a nice yard to lounge around during the day. In the evenings they like to lay on the floor and watch TV with their foster family. 

Abby & Lily’s foster mom says….”We love Abby & Lilly!!  They are so very sweet and all smiles!   Abby & Lilly are easy going and layed back.  Anywhere you go they are happy to be there with you! And they get so excited to see us when we come home.  It doesn’t take much to make their tails wag in delight.  Abby & Lilly  love nothing more than playing in the yard and going for their daily walks….they just love their walks!!  These siblings are wonderful with my young child and love getting petted by her! Everything about Abby & Lilly is utterly irresistible! “ 

Since they have lived together all of their lives we would like Abby & Lilly to be adopted to the same furever home.  There is a lot to be said about an older dog, they have outgrown the urge to chew on things, they are laid back and not as rowdy as puppies. They appreciate just hanging out and keeping you company. Abby and Lily would make wonderful loyal, walking buddies for a nice family.  Abby and Lilly had recently gained weight and are overweight, and our foster family now has them on healthier food and are looking much better. They would like a home that has a fenced in yard because they love being outside and someone to walk them.  Our foster said that Abby & Lily are great with children. They are so laid back, and our priority would be to find a home with no dogs or cats although they are friendly with other dogs.

We are sure when you meet Abby & Lily we know you will fall in love!