RANDOLPH, NJ- The initial hearing before the Board of Adjustment on the Randolph 10 Developers, LLC application to develop a Wawa Food Market and fueling service station will begin on 
Thursday, July 26 at 7:30 p.m in the court room at town hall.

The site is currently occupied by the former Nagel’s Candy Barn building and a single family home.  The convenience store is proposed to be 4,736 square feet and the fueling service station is proposed to have 12 fuel dispensers.  Ingress and egress for the site is proposed for both Route 10 and Quaker Church Road.

Variances are being requested for a gasoline service station with an additional use, driveway width and separation, signage, steep slope disturbance, accessory building in a front yard, lot depth and lot area.  Waivers are requested for parking, driveways, retaining walls, lighting and landscaping. 

The hearing will offer opportunity for the applicant to put forth its case in support of the variances/waivers, as well as for members of the public to offer comment on the proposed application.