Randolph, NJ-The student stars of Ramden Dreams part 2 shined bright on the stage of the Randolph High School Auditorium.  Students from Camden Street School in Newark and Randolph High School joined forces to put on a rousing performance of Ramden Dreams, a musical focusing on friendship and stepping outside of your comfort zone using song and dance. 

The production first premiered at Camden Street on Friday and then was performed at RHS on Saturday June 6.  Friends and families from both Camden Street and Randolph High School were in attendance, giving off a vibe in the room that was a mix of anticipation and pride. 

The production is a result of sophomore Kenan Mitchell continuing the work that his brother Seth Mitchell started the previous year. Last year’s performance was met with rave reviews, giving this performance a lot to live up to. It did not disappoint. 

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The play takes place in a fictional high school, Ramden High ( named after Randolph and Camden ) and focuses its plot on a talent show.

Mitchell and his cast came through in fantastic fashion, performing to the crowds delight.  The partnership between the two schools is fruitful for both.  In a short documentary that played before the show, Principal Debbie Iosso stated, “After its first year I didn’t think this program could be stopped, and look at these kids, they proved me right.” 

The production started with a short video of Mitchell and various school administrators from both Camden Street and Randolph Schools talking about how beneficial the program has been.  Camden Street Principal Sam Garrison was quoted saying he “Hopes these kids are looking at the world not as it is, but as they want it to be.” 

If the project had a mission statement, it would echo those sentiments, along with the concept of giving kids a chance, when they might not have had it otherwise. 

Some of the big crowd pleasing performances were a take on “Thrift Shop” By Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and the final talent show which had songs such as Speak No Americano, Classic, Try, and Shake it Off. 

The performance ended to thunderous applause and sent the kids from Camden Street and Randolph High School off with their heads held high and a song in their heart.