I am a freshman at Morris County School of Technology. I am in The Academy for Visual & Performing Arts; my major is Multimedia. My academy focuses on graphic design, film, and photography.

A requirement for my English class this year was to volunteer at a place of our choice and create a project that was related to our academy. I chose to volunteer at the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter. The project I chose was to photograph cats and dogs that were available for adoption.

I photographed 10 dogs and 2 cats. I made advertisements for each pet that included pictures and descriptions about each cat or dog. The advertisements I create will be given to the shelter so they can be shown on their website. The dogs at the shelter ranged from young to old...one was blind and deaf. All of the dogs and cats were energetic, sweet, playful and they all are waiting for their forever home. Each of them were so excited to see the volunteers and I. The dogs eagerly waited their turn for attention from the volunteers, a treat, or time to play on the obstacle course... and they all looked hopeful as they waited to see if this was the day they would get adopted.... I visited on an “adoption day”.

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They have open adoption days on every Saturday from 11-2 at the shelter. The shelter is located on 97 Ironia Road Mendham, New Jersey and their phone number is 973-543-9333. The shelter is open to the public 11-1 Monday-Friday, 11-2 on Saturdays. Upcoming events/fundraisers for the shelter are a Father’s Day Brunch which will be held on June 18th and a garage sale on June 24th.

Visit their PetFinder site to find their pets and their website for more information on events and learn how you can adopt one of these dogs and cats….who are just waiting for their forever home. Please help these animals and give them a place to call home.