RANDOLPH, NJ-The Randolph Township Board of Education met last Tuesday evening to discuss important changes regarding the beginning of school this year, and to finalize plans for the new RTNJ email addresses that both students and teachers will be assigned.  For teachers, school starts on September 2 and 3 to start preparation while students have their first day of classes on the fourth.
The board began by welcoming the new Business Administrator, Gerald Eckert as well as welcoming 20 new hires by the school system; four of which were in attendance.  The board then talked about some of the upcoming and ongoing construction on the high school property and around the town.  It was communicated that they would do the best they can to minimize interference and delays with the student bus services despite some construction.
The board also touched on the district issued RTNJ e-mail accounts that both students and teachers will be newly provided with this year.  Superintendent of Schools, Dr. David Browne maintained that the district issued e-mail addresses are being made available to help students and teachers communicate more effectively.  However, Dr. Browne and the board passed policies to prevent what he described as, “inappropriate friendly communication,” between teachers and students.
The motions that were passed by the board spelled exactly how the new email accounts were to be used, and also laid restrictions on other types of communications between students such as cell phone and social media use.

According to the policy, all the emails exchanged between students and teaching staff must be through the school’s email addresses and are limited to, “staff member’s professional responsibilities regarding the student.”  
It is also noted that teaching staff members do not have a right to privacy on these email accounts, and that the school district officials have the right to monitor them.  The new email addresses should prove to create much more effective ways for students to ask questions and teachers to communicate necessary information via the internet.
Specifics regarding these new policies will be communicated very shortly this week to affected parents and teachers by Browne via e-mail and the rtnj.org website.