RANDOLPH, NJ - The Randolph Board of Education voted to extend the Superintendent Jenn Fano’s contract through 2021. Her original contract would expire in 2019 after three years ,but they chose to extend to the full allowable term of five years.

While most of the board members voted yes to the contract, Christopher Treston voted no and Susan Devito chose to abstain.

“My vote today was about procedure,” Treston explained. “I think Miss Fano is an excellent educational leader. However, I know there’s some diversity of opinion on the matter… That said, she won the vote, and she has my complete and unqualified support.”

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He added that he felt the board accelerated the timeline on the contract, and he “would have preferred that we had the election [in November] before we did that.”

Devito stated she “wanted to make a well-informed decision, and I didn’t feel like I had all the information to make it.”

In his comments to the board and the public, Board President Ron Conti considered the action as “taking a vote for stability and for ongoing upward trajectory of the district.”

The extended contract did not include a salary increase, and Conti recognized that most superintendents would have required more compensation at this point.

“Miss Fano’s dedication to the district and the taxpayers is setting an example,” he added. “Fiscal responsibility starts at the top.”

Board member Tammy MacKay spoke of her 10 years on the board and working directly with Fano for “over half of that time” with Fano serving as assistant superintendent, interim superintendent and superintendent.

“I am confident that Miss Fano is the perfect fit for the Randolph School District,” MacKay said. She described Fano as a team-player who continually promotes academic excellence and student achievement.

“Being superintendent of a high-performing district requires sacrifice determination and a willingness to put our students and staff first,” MacKay concluded. “She has always done that without hesitation.”

Before the vote, Fano recapped her accomplishments since becoming superintendent in 2016. Specifically, she mentioned the recent AP scores showing an increase in students taking and passing the exams year over year.

She recognized the importance of changing educational practices to keep up with new research and information, and thanked the board for their support as she challenged the “ways things were always done here.”

This year, the NJEA highlighted two Randolph classrooms on their Classroom Close-up feature, and Fano praised the success of implementing the Play In K program at the Kindergarten level. She also emphasized a shift towards more STEAM offerings throughout the curriculum.

Her full statement has been published here.

“I pledge that as we move forward, academic excellence, student achievement, attracting and supporting the best staff and safety will continue to be my focus,” Fano said. “Accountability and collaboration will continue to drive my philosophy of management, my performance and my commitment to our students, teachers, staff, the board, and our community.”