RANDOLPH, NJ- The board of education meeting on Tuesday night, Dec. 9, provided updates on the facility usage agreement and negotiations concerning the teachers’ contracts. Superintendent David Browne also shared events in the schools and a board member made his final appearance.

Two significant events happened in the schools last week. First, was the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) Classroom Close-up, a television show which features many schools over the year. A program at Randolph High School will be featured in a six minute segment that was filmed in the media center.

"It really struck me as somewhat of a model United Nations (UN) kind of activity for students in groups to contribute to. Students were actively and productively engaged in a topic they were passionate about," said Superintendent Browne.

The program involved governments, purchasing and defending a position, which are all the things Randolph tries to teach their students. These skills are essential and exactly what employers look for.

Teacher Jon Misiunas managed the program and students. As soon as the board receives a clip of the program that was also filmed by NJEA, it wil be posted on the RTNJ website.

The other event was the Hour of Code, an activity that many students participated in last year. This year all six schools are involved. The Hour of Code is done specifically during Computer Science Education Week. Students have an hour-long lesson which exposes them to computer science skills.

"I'm really excited that all of our schools are either participating this week or throughout the school year and are being introduced to coding," said Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Fano.

In other news, Vice President Al Matos provided the status for the facility usage agreement online. The board wants there to be two types of agreements. One will be for Booster Clubs and another for third parties. One contract will be posted online since there were some technical difficulties getting both contacts online seperately, but it will cover both types.

A PDF agreement will also be posted online so that people who want to use the facilities agreement will actually be able to view it before filling it out. The way it is currently set up does not allow people to view the full agreement until it is signed.

An update on negotiations was also provided for the public concerning the impasse on the teachers’ contract. A date to meet the Randolph Education Committee has been set for Dec. 18.

"We have a meeting with them simultaneously as we wait for a state mediator to be assigned," said Board President Tammy Mackay.

The last news of the night reported that board member, David Rosenblatt, was attending his last meeting. After three years on the board, Rosenblatt's term has finally come to an end. President Mackay commended Rosenblatt for the years of sacrifice and the long days and nights he put in being on the board. Mackay joked that she had faith that she would see Rosenblatt amongst the public crowd behind the podium.

"It's been a good experience for me. I hope I've contributed some things to the district and to the board on behalf of the students, teachers and the Randolph community. Thank you everyone," said Rosenblatt.

On behalf of the district, Superintendent Browne declared that Rosenblatt not only helped by assisting while on the board but also made the district a better place. Rosenblatt assured the board that he would definitely be amongst the public crowd every so often.