RANDOLPH, NJ- The Board of Education announced some important committee decisions during their business session meeting on Tuesday night Jan.14. The new committee member appointments for 2014 are listed at the bottom of this article.

Dr. Dennis Copeland and Mrs. Jennifer Cusmano-King, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Supervisor for grades 6-8, came to represent the Middle School and discuss an overall concern regarding low math scores on the NJ ASK in 5th grade and the Middle School level. Two proposed areas of change were presented to assist in raising these scores, including the curriculum and professional development for teachers.

The school has plans to research new math curriculums to reflect the common core standards. Professional development for teachers will include both math instruction as well as instruction on the common core standards ( http://www.corestandards.org).

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There are plans to visit with three different school districts in order to research a new math program, and maybe purchase new textbooks for next school year. These programs include Connected Math 3 and Math in Focus.

The next item mentioned was the club concept introduced to the middle school. This includes after school opportunities to further develop Math, Writing and Reading. Students in need of extra assistance are recommended to join these clubs.

The last item on Copeland and Cusmano-King’s agenda was to discuss the idea of an additional Instructional coach,”A new and fantastic addition to the school,” according to Copeland. An instruction coach assists teachers in planning, and helps to get teachers to the next level.

Reports of a demographic study were also presented, and it was reported that there was a decline and a flattening in enrollment, as predicted, according to Michael Neves. The District has periodically had a demographic study completed for planning purposes. Neves said that the active reliable life for such a study is approximately five years.

The last study was completed in 2011 and can be found on the district website: enrollment projections. It was accurately predicted that the district student population has matured, and would begin to fall off at this time. With additional building in town possible, the trend could reverse itself.

It was announced that the FFT Commitee ( Finance, Facilities and Transportation ) will have a series of budget meetings beginning with Jan. 23.  Early reports of the budget were reported at 3.5 million over the expected revenue assuming a 2% cap. The next task is for the business department to reevaluate what needs to be adjusted. The board was clear in saying that this number is similar to most years at this beginning point of the budget process. According to Neves “It is a really raw budget and we have to sharpen it every year.” The meetings will be open to the public.

In order to keep the public involved in the budget process, the board plans to hold a town hall opportunity on a Saturday at the end of February. Details will be reported by Randolph TAP as they become available.

2014/2015 Committees and Liaisons:

Finance, Facilities and Transportation (FFT) Committee

Chair: Mr. Al Matos

Mrs. Anne Standridge, Mr. Sheldon Epstein, Mrs. Tammy MacKay

Alternate member: Mr. David Rosenblatt

Liaison: Business Administrator Mr. Michael Neves

Personnel Committee

Chair: Mrs. Amy Sachs

Mrs. Anne Standridge, Mrs. Tammy MacKay, Mrs. Chrissie Aulenbach

Alternate member: Mrs. Colleen Pascale

Liaison: Assistant Superintendent Ms. Jennifer Fano

Policy Committee:

Chair: Mr. David Rosenblatt

Mrs. Colleen Pascale, Mrs. Amy Sachs, Mrs. Chrissie Aulenbach

Alternate member: Mrs. Anne Standridge

Liaison: Superintendent Dr. David Browne 

Negotiations Committee

Chair: Mrs. Tammy MacKay

Mr. Al Matos, Mr. Sheldon Epstein, Mrs. Amy Sachs

Alternate member: Mrs. Colleen Pascale

Liaison: Business Administrator Mr. Michael Neves 

Education Committee

Chair: Mrs. Anne Standridge

Mrs. Colleen Pascale, Mrs. Dave Rosenblatt, Mr. Sheldon Epstein

Liaison: Assistant Superintendent Ms. Jennifer Fano

Town Council

Mrs. Tammy MacKay, Mr. Al Matos, Mrs. Anne Standridge


Mrs. Amy Sachs




Mr. Al Matos 


Mrs. Colleen Pascale


Mr. Dave Rosenblatt

Morris County School Boards Association

Mrs. Anne Standridge

Educational Services Commission


Survey Project Team

Mrs. Chrissie Aulenbach, Mr. Sheldon Epstein