RANDOLPH, NJ - Following a tradition that began last year, the Randolph Board of Education recognized the 2016-2017 staff retirees during Tuesday’s meeting.

“We like to recognize them for all the hard work and dedication that they provided in service to this community, the schools and district, and most importantly the students,” began board president Al Matos. “Our teachers and staff members are the cornerstone for this district. I want to make sure all of the retiring staff members hear this: we highly appreciate all you have done… You make a mark, a lasting mark, and not enough people say that to you.”

“We sincerely appreciate all you have done for our students, for your colleagues, and for the community,” said superintendent Jenn Fano. “You have many of your administrators here tonight supporting you as well. We wish you all the best on your journey, your next adventure.”

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Fano announced each retiring staff member’s name and presented a personalized certificate before celebrating with a cupcake cake and coffee.

Board members also commented on the impact these staff members had on their own lives and their children’s lives.

“Dr. Sampson, I remember being a brand new young teacher… The impact you had on many, many, countless trumpet and all high brass students throughout the decades is evident,” added board member Christine Aulenbach. “You and I have shared many students over the years and had great discussions on the betterment of this program. I know I thank you for all your time and dedication.”

Aulenbach also thanked two teachers of her seven-year-old son who have helped him learn during his time in the Randolph Township school district.

“Mrs. Contino, I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know you for just under two years with my little guy, Henry. Every once in awhile you get a teacher you just know will stick with you, and I feel very fortunate,” she continued. “Mrs. Bresky has been [Henry’s] speech teacher since the day he turned three”

Reading a letter written regarding Bresky’s work with Henry, Aulenbach stated the teacher “knows our boy very well, and communicates with us his accomplishments and his struggles… We feel extremely fortunate to have had Mrs. Bresky since we started the preschool program in 2014, and she is largely responsible for the tremendous progress he has been making.”

“It’s wonderful to see all this time and dedication in one room, so I personally thank you,” Aulenbach concluded.

Board member Anne Standridge also thanked her daughter’s teacher while recognizing the efforts of the rest of the staff, as well.

“I’d like to thank Mrs. Curtis.... It’s teachers like Mrs. Curtis that took my daughter under their wing and made a difference in her life,” Standridge said. “A week from now she’s graduating with her Master’s from Johns Hopkins after getting her undergraduate from Cornell. She’s truly a success story to what goes on in the Randolph schools.”

“Thank you very much to all the teachers,” Standridge closed. “Enjoy your retirement: I hope you love every minute of it.”