RANDOLPH, NJ- The Following Statement was Sent by The Board of Education on Feb. 28:

The conversation to establish a contractual agreement between the Randolph education Association (“REA”) and the Randolph Board of Education (“RBoE”) began in the winter of 2017. Early meetings lead to successful agreements on many details of the contract. The REA postponed several meetings and had very limited availability in the summer of 2017. Therefore, it was not until September, 2017 that the parties were able to resume negotiations. Again, conversations were successful in reaching a point where the REA proposal and RBoE proposal were almost completely aligned. The last session occurred in October 2017, at which the REA walked out after receiving the RBoE’s comprehensive offer, which included the following:

1. Trainer – Status quo for current trainers and all new trainers will start work year in accordance with NJSIAA calendar.  All trainers hired after 8/15/17 will work 45 hours/week threshold for a $4,000 per season stipend. 2. Security Guards: All guards shall work 10 flex days during July and August each year in addition to school calendar with no additional remuneration. New Salary Guide: (which will increase by the settlement rate in all 3 years) Step 1: $26,000 Step 2: $27,000 Step 3: $28,000 Step 4: $29,000 Step 5: $30,000 Step 6: $31,000 – Returning Guards for 17/18 Step 7: $32,000 Step 8: $33,000 Step 9: $34,000 Step 10: $35,000 3. Technicians will have the same work year as maintenance personnel and receive a 7.5% increase on the existing guide plus settlement increase in all 3 years. 4. “12 Your Way” – 6 hours virtual required training & 6 hours faculty choice training with pre-approval. 5. Reduction of faculty meetings to 5 per month. 6. All members will move to POS health benefits plan as soon as practicable. 7. All employees will continue to contribute to his/her health benefits in accordance with Tier IV rates set forth in Ch. 78, P.L. 2011. 8. Health Benefits Waiver Reduction in Year 2 (2018/19): $3,750; Health Benefits Waiver Reduction in Year 3 (2019/20): $2,500 9. Salary Proposal (Inclusive of increment):  17/18 – 2.75% + $125,000 for salary guide development = 3.0%  18/19 – 2.75% + $125,000 for salary guide development = 3.0%  19/20 – 2.75% + $125,000 for salary guide development = 3.0% Instead of responding to the RBoE’s comprehensive October, 2017 negotiations proposal, the REA’s Negotiations Team decided to not respond and then wait approximately two (2) months before unilaterally declaring Impasse in December, 2017. Since that time, the REA’s Negotiations Team has never responded to the RBoE’s October 2017 negotiations proposal. The RBoE’s Negotiations Team is committed to resolving these negotiations and hopes that the REA’s Negotiation Team is equally committed to achieving an equitable resolution when the parties meet with the State-appointed mediator on February 28, 2018.