RANDOLPH, NJ - During Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, President Al Matos recognized the winter athletic captains, and Superintendent Jennifer Fano proclaimed two events in May.

“We’ve started this tradition where we recognize… the leaders of the various athletic programs,” Matos began. “The recognition for these captains is our appreciation for these leaders in leading these teams with their coaches and their peers.”

“I know that it takes a lot of extra work to be a captain.You have both the coach telling you things, and your peers telling you things, and sometimes it’s a little struggle,” he continued. “But it builds a lot of character and qualities that we all need going forward in the real world of work and life. I congratulate all of you captains for taking the opportunity to accept the position.”

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In this meeting, he recognized the winter track and the ice hockey team captains.“If I remember correctly, the girls’ ice hockey team is a fairly brand new sport for Randolph

“It is fairly brand new,” Fano agreed. “It was fun to watch, and a great adventure. Thank you for the board’s support.”

During the Superintendent's Report, Fano proclaimed National Teacher Day on May 9 and Special Education Week for the week of May 14-May 20.

“The history and tradition of recognizing and honoring teachers began back in 1944, when an Arkansas teacher began corresponding with politicians and really wanted to recognize the efforts of teachers,” Fano explained. “She wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt, who in 1953 persuaded the 81st congress to proclaim a National Teacher Day.”

Schools honor this day on the Tuesday during the first full week of May, which falls on May 9, 2017.

“Great teachers make great public schools,” Fano read from the proclamation. “Teachers help to open students minds to ideas, knowledge and dreams and... keep American democracy alive by laying the foundation for good citizenship, and … teachers continue to influence us long after our school days are only memories.”

Fano also presented Walter Curioni, Director of Special Services, with the recognition for Special Education Week. This celebration will take place during the second week of May, with a theme of “a bright tomorrow for today’s students.”

Curioni thanked the board and administration for their support, but also addressed the students. “I’d like to recognize the student athletes. over the past two years more than 12 students came back to district, and without exception they’ve been greeted warmly by all of you, and I thank you for that,” he commented. “Some of you spent your day of service, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, working with some of our new students, and parents have shared with me their great admiration.”