RANDOLPH, NJ - Randolph hosted St. Benedict's Prep on Friday in the Randolph High School main gym. St Benedict has been known as a powerhouse as they are ranked No. 4 in the state of New Jersey and Top 25 in the nation. Playing a team of that caliber provided a good experience for the Rams, but the game would eventually show that for Randolph, St. Benedict's would be too much to handle.

Top 2017 recruit Nate Pierre-Louis led St Benedict's to a 94-43 victory over Randolph. St. Benedict's took over from the start and didn't look back as their size and ability overmatched Randolph.

Even though Randolph lost, throughout the game the Rams didn't quit. Players like Andrew Sciancalepore and Aidan Naravane worked hard and showed heart throughout the game.

Randolph was able to see first-hand how a top-tier team plays, which should provide many of the younger Rams players with some good lessons for future games.