RANDOLPH, NJ- The Randolph High School Boys Basketball Program exemplifies the RHS spirit of “ALL IN” both on and off the court.  The Program fosters the importance of hands-on community service in the hopes that these small gestures inspire a larger investment in the lives of others.

Earlier this season, the program supported Coach Dunnigan’s annual clothing drive for La Vida Day Care with great success.   Another charitable initiative this year was the “Supplies for Sunrise” toiletries drive to benefit Sunrise Assisted Living of Randolph. 

Sunrise is home to 60 residents and 40 residents in Memory Care.  Memory Care residents have some form of Alzheimer’s Disease which affects every aspect of life; memory, speech, eating, and dressing.    Aides care for these residents, but families and friends are critical in providing support and daily essentials.  

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Freshman player, Nick Mantone saw this first hand when his grandfather moved to Sunrise.  He turned to Vice Principal, Ms. Hackney and Athletic Director, Mr. DiLollo for permission to collect toiletries for Sunrise residents.  Mr. DiLollo took this request to the next level by offering the support of the entire RHS Basketball Program.   DiLollo challenged each Randolph basketball team, coach and family to participate.  And in true form, they took the ball and ran with it!  Randolph’s generous contributors donated over 1,000 toiletries in just two weeks.

The Freshman Team was able to visit Sunrise and distribute 100 ‘Welcome Kits’ filled with soaps, powder, lotions, toothpastes and toothbrushes to every single Sunrise resident.  During the visit, seniors’ faces lit up at the sight of the boys.  Freshman Captain, Daquan Hendrickson said, “It struck me that they were so surprised we came to visit. They were so happy to see us.  One woman told me, she really needed a new toothbrush and we just made her day.”   Other Residents blew kisses and shook hands as the boys made their way through the halls.   

Sunrise Volunteer Coordinator, Leigh Gardner said, “The residents love seeing the kids! Sunrise sees the tremendous value of intergenerational programs.  We welcome working with local schools and community groups.”   

 The boys felt the immediate impact of their visit and hope to keep their new friendships growing.