When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to providing local relief at the town level. We believe the town’s current sizable budget surplus was not deployed during the worst of the pandemic, and now during the recovery phase it is more important than ever to leverage the resources of local government to help our residents:

  • We will always follow health guidelines while on the council, including the wearing of a mask and social distancing for as long as they are required. We will also make sure that all residents and local businesses are able to do the same by clearly and effectively communicating health requirements and recommendations.

  • We will make clear that our town government supports our small businesses. Unfortunately, even after a long lockdown, some restaurants and other establishments were prohibited from implementing outdoor dining or sufficient spacing because of arcane subsections in zoning law. That’s part of why we are committed to making sure dealing with your local government is clear and actually helpful.

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  • We will make every effort to provide space and PPE to the businesses and long-term care homes that need it, so that the costs of running an enterprise during an unprecedented pandemic don’t come out of our worker’s wages or your overhead.

  • We will push to promote Randolph small businesses through government channels in person and online and make sure that in trying times, our residents know they come first and have the support they need.

  • During our campaign, we finally fully stocked the town food pantry. When we’re on the council, we will keep the food pantry stocked year-round so that anyone and everyone can get the hand up that they need.

  • While the council always touts their “business-friendly” approach, Randolph residents have seen town improvement and development projects stall for sometimes decades. Unfortunately, that’s only to be expected with a 26-year-old town plan. We will get our government working again and eliminate excessive red tape for small business owners.

The moment we are sworn in, we will get the full details on how we can use our surplus and figure out how to get that money working for you, whether it be through tax relief, coronavirus relief, or the funding of the township’s stalled projects."