RANDOLPH, NJ-The Randolph High School Boys Varsity Soccer Team sold T-shirts and bracelets and raised $1,500 for the Lung Cancer Alliance as part of a special service project.

The team presented a check for $1500 to the Lung Cancer Alliance on March 29. The soccer team organizes a fundraiser each year and this year chose the Lung Cancer Alliance because several of the players have relatives who have been affected by the disease.

"This fundraiser is a good way to give back to the community and show our support for those who are affected by this disease," said senior captain Evan Miele. "We are raising awareness for an importance cause and our team is more than just soccer."

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"One of my mom's closest friends has lunch cancer," said senior captain Michael Galipo, adding "Our team is a family."

Ide Mills, a volunteer from the Lung Cancer Alliance, accepted the check from the team is a special ceremony in the high school auditorium. Ms. Mills thanked the team for its hard work and generosity. 'The Lung Cancer Alliance is a national organization that does a few different things including educating families of those diagnosed with lung cancer and also supports research and advocacy."

The alliance also works to educate lawmakers about lung cancer, provides resources to patients and helps those affected by the disease and helps people find clinical trials.

Boys Soccer Team Booster Club President Kristi Linz commended the boys for their hard work in raising money for such an important cause. "I am very proud of the boys," she said. " The boys picked this charity based on their personal experience and I really feel that they did a great job."

Soccer Coach George Mousis said the team came up with the idea for the fundraiser and he encouraged them to select a cause and organize everything. "I try to empower them as much as possible," he said.

The T-shirts, which were sold in the fall,  said "Together, We Will Score for a Cure" and the bracelets said "Randolph Soccer."

Parent Maureen Rauchberg, who is a lung cancer survivor, said that her son's and the team's efforts touched her heart.