RANDOLPH, NJ- On Sunday, April 2, the Randolph Baseball Diamond Club (RBDC) sponsored a Little League/Babe Ruth Clinic, taught by over 25 Randolph HS baseball players, to promote the sport while teaching skills necessary to advance in the baseball programs.

The clinic drew over 150 Randolph kids from age 5 up to 15.

“It was great to see all the young players come out,” said Rams senior captain Jake Barbiere.  “We were all at that phase at one point in our lives looking up to the HS players.  Being able to give back and be a part of that was a special feeling.”

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During the Fall Babe Ruth season, under the direction of the Head Babe Ruth coach, a handful of Randolph High School Baseball players participated as coaches and trainers to the team.  The players benefited by learning from the high school players and grew an understanding of what is required to succeed at the next level.

As a result of this very positive experience, the Randolph High School Baseball program, led by Bob Barbiere, and the Little League Committee, launched an initiative to hold a series of events to promote the baseball in our town. 

“This event was a great opportunity to allow the high school players to give back to the community by teaching the young players the basic skills needed to succeed in the sport,” said Chris Lowery, President of the RBDC.  “It was a fantastic opportunity to watch our players interact with the kids.”

The day began with 100 Little League players aged 10 and under working on fielding, throwing, and hitting skills, followed by a 90 minute workout with 50 kids aged 11-15. The older Little League players were taken through a full workout by the HS players beginning with the RHS team stretching and warm up program, skills and drills, and concluding with a pep talk by RHS Freshman Coach Hallock

“The kids definitely gained skills from the fundamental standpoint, but the more important part is that they had fun, and are learning to fall in love with the game like all the HS players did at that age,” said Barbiere.