RANDOLPH, NJ- The “sun came out” inside the auditorium at Randolph High School last weekend, as the RHS Drama Club members outdid themselves by putting on a stellar performance of the musical classic “Annie”.

 Director Cara Canfield, an RHS English teacher, guided the cast through a successful weekend of shows, joined by Musical Director Matthew Swiss and Choreographer Colleen McCardle.

 “From last year to this year our Drama Club made huge advancements, said Senior Christina Harvey (Oliver Warbucks).  “Doing a large, well known show like Annie seemed to be a very daunting task at first. The cast of Annie approached the show with such professionalism, that this once daunting task quickly became a fun, and cheerful production.”

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In the final days and hours of preparation however, the task started to appear a bit daunting once again, as the cast and crew lost valuable “final tune-up rehearsal” time due to the school closings for inclement weather

“It is amazing to me how we were able to put on such a great show even after we lost so much rehearsal because of the snow storm,” said Junior Kayla Bachrach (Molly). “This cast has been so much fun to work with and can pick up anything that is thrown its way.  I am grateful to say that I am part of it, and I am so proud of the entire cast and crew.”

The cast put on three performances over the weekend, all of which were performed for a full house of family, friends, and children looking to enjoy a great show.

“I had a great experience being a part of the cast of Annie, everyone was so talented and fun to work with,” said Junior Jordan Pontelandolfo.  “One of my favorite parts was looking out into the packed audience each night, knowing that they were there because they love the show; especially the kids who came to see it.  Seeing the awe on their faces as they experienced live theater was truly magical, and reminded me why I love theater.”

The RHS drama club puts on two shows during every school year, a Fall Drama and a Spring Musical.  The club and its show auditions are open to all grades, regardless if one has had any acting experience or not.  Even young bright eyed freshmen are welcomed with open arms.

“It makes me so happy how accepting the drama club was to a little freshman girl who had never done a high school production in her life, said Freshman Olivia Traub ( Annie )  “I would really love to thank all my new friends in the drama club, and I also want to thank the directors and staff involved in making this show possible. The show was an amazing production that helped me strengthen my acting and learn new techniques.”

While some were enjoying the thrill of their first RHS production and are looking forward to more in the future, the final show was a bittersweet moment for the seniors, as they had just concluded their last.

“It was such an honor to be asked to play Daddy Warbucks, as his characterization was different from roles I have played in the past,” said Harvey.  “In my last production ever at RHS, this role will hold a very special place in my heart. I would like to thank the entire production staff and cast for making it such a memorable experience.”