RANDOLPH, NJ - It was standing room only on Friday night Oct. 18 as Randolph High School held its fourth annual “POP-toberfest" in the common area outside the auditorium.  The show was a production of the Visual and Performing Arts Department featuring all of the RHS choirs, as well as some students who auditioned to perform outside of the choir groups.

There were a variety of singing acts throughout the evening, ranging from solo performances to larger group acts. David Imhof, supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts, said, “This is the first departmental performance we have had this year, and there are many more to come.” Imhof was pleased with the enthusiasm of the student participants noting, “This was the largest turnout we ever had in the auditioned performances.”

The show was run by Matthew Swiss, RHS Director of Choirs. Swiss is an alumnus of Randolph High School, Middle School, and Ironia Elementary School.  He was in full command of his show, seamlessly transitioning the students from act to act.  Several instruments were featured including an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a piano.  Some of the choir songs and solo acts provided dramatic moments as the students showed off their talents, especially the Treble Choir’s “True Colors” and a solo of “One Moment in Time.”  One of the lighter moments was the “Everybody’s Gone Surfin' ” act, in which the boys donned their surfing shirts and sunglasses to perform some Beach Boys songs. 

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The emcees engaged the crowd, and added to the evening’s fun by introducing each act with a witty comment.  Parents laughed when “Come Sail Away” by Styx was introduced as “A song that was popular a really long time ago.” Swiss culminated the evening with this song, conducting the combined chorus with much enthusiasm. It included everyone who was part of the show, and was punctuated by a bells ensemble which added a unique visual element. 

Contributing to the evenings efforts were students in Tech Crew as well as students and teachers from the Mass Media club.  The Tech Crew was responsible for monitoring the sound board, and for setting up and breaking down the equipment.  The Mass Media Club handled all the audio and video recording of the show, and will produce a DVD.

The show would not have been complete without the House Band, a talented group of students playing guitar, drums, horns and strings as back up music for many of the acts. 

Some of the upcoming events for the Visual and Performing Arts are as follows:

  -  RHS Fall Drama Production - Thursday – Saturday, Nov. 14-16

  -  NJSMA Region Choral Festival – Tuesday, Dec. 3

  -  RHS Holiday Concert – Thursday, Dec. 12 and Monday Dec. 16

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