RANDOLPH, NJ- On Tuesday June 2, many members of the Class of 2015 at Randolph High School were front and center at the Senior Awards Night.  The night is an awards banquet where seniors are honored for their achievements in academics, extracurricular activities, and clubs.  Award winners are invited with their families and friends to enjoy finger foods and refreshments in the schools commons area. 

When asked what the event means to her personally and to the school community, Principal Debra Iosso said, “Senior Awards Night is an opportunity for our school community to recognize, congratulate and celebrate those students who have distinguished themselves as academic standouts, as well as leaders among their peers.”

Iosso expressed further, “It continues to be my distinct pleasure to honor so many of our seniors. They never cease to impress me with what they are able to accomplish when given the opportunity. They have represented themselves, their families and our entire community with dignity and respect.”

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The night began with the presentation of distinguished academic honors presented by Iosso. 

Salutatorian: Jenna Bucien, weighted GPA 4.87

 Valedictorian: Nina Cheng, weighted GPA 4.95

21 students were named National Merit Commended Scholars: David Altizio, Jenna Bucian, Aaron Bennett, Lauren Buch, Elena Cannarozzi, Nina Cheng, Andy Draghi, Gregory Flynn, Evan Jaffa, Chritian Jensen, David Khazen, Keon Kim, Alyssa Liehr, Brenton Michaels, Michael Pine, Allison Poles, Richel Qin, Victoria Sassano, Joshua Stienfink, Leili Tootsov, and Jillian Whiting.

National Merit Scholar Finalist, and Governor’s School in Science award winner: Sangho Lee

Outstanding Participant in the National Achievement Scholarship Program: Brianna Brooks  

New Jersey Scholars Program: Aaron Bennett

The next section of the night was dedicated to other awards from individual departments such as English and art, which led to the yearbook dedication.  Being that this is the 50th anniversary edition of the school yearbook, making the decision for the dedication involved much thought and effort to commemorate the special year. 

The dedication went to Charles Haas, a former Randolph teacher and member of the first graduating class from Randolph High School in 1965. Haas was the first alumnist to return to teach at Randolph serving as an English and Journalism teacher at RHS for 36 years.  Haas had these words of advice to the graduating class, “You have been given the tools for an amazing life, make the most of those tools.  This community gave you those tools, and if there is any way in the future that you can give back to this community as a way of saying thank you, I think that would be wonderful.”

The night continued with the rest of the academic departments and clubs handing out awards from history all the way to the last award of the night which was the yearbook award.

Before the award winners departed for the evening, each one was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Aries, the 2015 Randolph High School Yearbook. 

Principal Iosso had one last quote to send off the graduating seniors “Each year as we prepare to send our seniors on to the next chapter of their lives, we sincerely hope that each and every one recognizes their unique gift and lives life to the fullest while all the time enjoying the journey.”