RANDOLPH, NJ- The Randolph High School chapter of the National English Honor Society inducted 99 new members at a ceremony in the RHS Auditorium on October 22.

In the ceremony, Ben Horwitz, Supervisor of Humanities at RHS, welcome more than 150 people to the event and told them that the honor society is so important in today's society. " "We live in an unprecedented era in which it has never been easier for people to share their writing," he said. "The notion that any individual can write a sentence and share it with thousands of people instantaneously is not only remarkable, but was also unthinkable only a few decades ago.

"So with this breadth of writing that is shared today, it is crucial to have at least a few people who create sentences that are worth reading," Horwitz said. "I urge you to continue being the stewards of our language and to continue promoting critical thought and discourse."

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President Cindy Sharra noted that it is an honor for any student to be inducted into the prestigious group. "Being a member of NEHS is to align yourself with an ancient literary tradition."

"The NEHS is a group of interested young people who are bound together by a shared passion for literature and the English language," said vice president Nina Seretis. "We are here because we have a deep appreciation for the way thoughts and ideas are communicated and put to paper, and our mission is to extend this love of words to the rest of the community."

Students selected for the NEHS are required to have a 3.5 GPA and a letter of recommendation from a teacher.

Walt Whitman once said, “Behold, I do not give lectures of a little charity, when I give, I give myself,” quoted advisor Sarah Townsend. 

"Being a member of the National English Honor Society means continuously giving oneself," Townsend said. "Whether it is one’s time, energy, or talents, it is a great honor to be a member of this prestigious group.

"I congratulate you all for setting yourselves apart from your peers in the pursuit of greatness. As a teacher at RHS, I want to thank you for being the type of students who make us all proud. Also, thank you parents and teachers for encouraging these students and for pushing them to excel academically and to be role models to their peers. It is a privilege to lead this group of students and I look forward to a wonderful year with them."

Townsend ended the ceremony with another quotation from Whitman: “The future is no more uncertain than the present.” I compel you, new inductees, make your future certain and continue to rise to the call. Thank you.

The following students were inducted:

1. Amir Aliasgharpour 2. Katrina Arenas 3. Julia Aronson 4. Emma Baxter 5. Erica Bello 6. Samantha Bontempo 7. Phoebe Brenner 8. Devan Bulsara 9. Rebecca Cambra 10.Robert Campbell 11.Justina Celentano 12.Rachana Chilakapati 13.Ashley Chipoletti 14.Hannah Cohen-Oppenheimer 15.Noelle Cozza 16.Danielle D'Achino 17.Shauna Dowis 18.Madison Detore 19.Katherine Detz 20.Chelsea Dinneny 21.Kyle Faresich 22.Lauren Forstenhausler 23.Carly Francesconi 24.Alison Freitas 25.Jessica Freund 26.Justin Galvez 27.Peter Geannakakes 28.Matthew Greenwaldt 29.Kayla Grutkowski 30.Jessica Halvorsen 31.Emily Higgins 32.Rachel Hirschfeld 33.Ashley Huang 34.Kate Humphries 35.Lauren Iglar 36.Michael Iskols 37.Gitanjali Iyer 38.Kayla Jacobson 39.Vanessa Jones 40.Natalie Katchen 41.Kayla Kemp 42.Sohail Khan 43.Victoria Klett 44.Matthew Krinick 45.Arjun Kumar 46.Jennie LaMancuso 47.Kayla Legatt 48.Matthew Leonard 49.Emily Levitt 50.Daniel Liew 51.Lexi Ludwig 52.Rachel Malaga 53.Rohan Mathur 54.Haley McArthur 55.John McConvery 56.Caroline Michail 57.Alana Miniovich 58.Ryan Mulligan 59.Kelsey Nason 60.Jennifer Novotny 61.Heather Olson 62.Molly O'Meara 63.Shaan Patel 64.Riya Patel 65.Ranie Patel 66.Theresa Pelosi 67.Danielle Pilla 68.Amy Pu 69.Joey Recchia 70.Nicolas Renna 71. Taylor Scoopo 72. Laura Sefcik 73. Kristen Sisco 74. Kim Smagula 75. Jessica Smith 76. Kendall Smith 77. Jacob Southren 78. Bailey Speight 79. Samantha Spielman 80. Helen Spyropoulos 81. Melanie Stamelman 82. Jonathan Stein 83. Melissa Stoia 84. Carly Szot 85. Elisabeth Tavana 86. Noah Taylor 87. Savanna Templeton 88. John-Paul Tinio 89. Jilian Tucker 90. Zariah Vilela 91. Kevin Weber 92. Samantha Weixel 93. Heather Wetreich 94. Courtney Whiting 95. Leah Wilck 96. William Xocoy 97. John Yager 98. Claire Zou 99. Nicole Urban