RANDOLPH, NJ- Seven Randolph High School students researched and became experts on a variety of topics ranging from sports coaching techniques and their impact on student athletes, the psychological impact of sports injuries on team members and the representation of how gender in television affects the audience for their AP Capstone Research projects.

These students, all juniors, took AP Seminar as sophomores and AP Research as juniors. Teachers Brian Hoesly and Michelle Lonie worked with students on their research projects this year. We absolutely love teaching this class together," Mr. Hoesly and Mrs. Lonie said. "It has been an incredible experience to not only teach both years of the course, but also to be able to follow our students through AP Seminar and into AP Research. Their growth over the past two years has been remarkable, and the skills they've developed in researching, analyzing, and writing is impressive every single day. Leading up to the exams last year and this year, we have felt an immeasurable level of pride toward our students and all of their hard work."

The juniors in the class are: Sarah Freund, Kyra Horton, Jake Iantosca, Becca Jacobsen, Eliana Koenisgberg, Kylee Salvior and Alina Wolfenson.

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The students spent hours researching their topics and then presenting them to the class and even some to the Randolph Board of Education Education Committee.

Student athlete Jake Iantosca researched the psychological impact of sports injuries on teammates on a student sports team. He looked at performance, attitude and emotions.

In his research, Jake said he found if a teammate was injured, it did in fact, have a negative impact on team dynamics. Team members were worried or concerned and the injuries would affect the entire team, he noted.

For her project, Kyra Horton looked at ways to try to increase adoptions of rescue dogs from high risk shelters. She found that creating online profiles listing a dog's personality traits could help increase dog adoptions.

Sarah Freund said she examined different coaching techniques and their effects on teams and student athletes and surveyed student athletes. In her conclusion, Sarah said she found that coaches that were a little bit strict, but also very supportive....who exercised a balanced approach to coaching were the most successful.

Other topics involved if there was a correlation between the urban areas of India and Bollywood films, how adolescent idiopathic scoliosis affects body image, if the applied Circle of Friends process used for children with autism could be applied to people with Tourette's Syndrome and how the representation of gender in television impacts an audience.