RANDOLPH NJ--Skylr the Hypnotist drew a large crowd to his popular show, which was held in the auditorium at Randolph High School last week. His annual performance is a Spirit Week tradition at the high school. As usual, his show left many spectators laughing with their peers, who were hypnotized both on stage and in the audience.

Linnea Tootsov, an RHS senior who volunteered to be hypnotized on stage said that her overall experience was, “Really fun. I remember everything that happened but I had no control over it.” Tootsov added, “I felt really relaxed and I didn't know what was happening and now I feel like I got a good night's sleep.”

“I thought it was hilarious because a lot of my friends were on stage, and they were falling all over the place” said Brooke Olson, an RHS senior. In order to become hypnotized, Skyler instructed students both on stage and in the audience to listen to his voice and instructions. Soon after, those students who were hypnotized fell off their chairs onto one another or onto the floor.

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While participants were in this state, Skylr would give verbal cues to the sleeping students, such as telling them that the person right next to them had “pinched their butt.” Other cues included saying that the floor was on fire or asking students to do a “sexy walk” onto the stage. He even told three hypnotized male students that they were pregnant, which led them to cry or start thinking of baby names. Bianca Rojas, a junior at RHS, said, “I wish I could get hypnotized every year; it doesn't work.”

In order to become volunteers on stage, students signed up in advance or were picked straight out of the audience. “It’s really fun and I think everyone should try it,” said Tootsov. “It was a really good experience.

In addition to Skylr the Hypnotist, other events held during Spirit Week included a frisbee tournament, a choir performance called POPtoberfest, a volleyball tournament, and a hallway decorating contest. Spirit Week concluded on Friday with a rousing pep rally held at the RHS football field.

Editor's Note: Mariah Ochieng is a student  at Randolph High School participating in a journalism program with TAP into Randolph.