RANDOLPH, NJ- In a beautiful ceremony in the Randolph High School auditorium, 19 Randolph High School French students were inducted into La Societe Honoraire Francaise and 48 Randolph High School Spanish students were inducted into La Sociedad Hispanica Capitulo: Cajas de Carton. Students in each group were introduced by club officers, presented with certificates and participated in candle ceremonies on January 11.

Randolph High School Principal Debbie Iosso and World Language Supervisor Paula Parades-Corbel presented students with their certificates as officers for each society called out the names of the inductees and spoke about their appreciation for their respective language.

French Honor Society Advisor and Sylvia de Bourmont and Spanish Honor Society Advisor Sybil Gonzalez welcomed families to the event in the high school auditorium and told students that "once they master a second or a third language, they suddenly become an opportunity for others."

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"The mastery of a world language is often perceived as a difficult almost unattainable task," the advisors said. "We tend to forget that learning other languages can promote amazing benefits that will last for a lifetime. First, it expands our vision of the world, enhances our cognitive skills, increases our career opportunities later on in life, and also gives us a chance to establish deep connections and cross-cultural friendships. Additionally, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming more and more important in this increasingly integrated global business world."

Both advisors said that another goal of the honor societies "is to promote the development of lifelong skills by incorporating activities where students can demonstrate leadership, service and citizenship."

French Honor Society Inductees:

Sabina Achaibar

Catherine DeMario

Angelina Dimichino

Maddie DiFusco

Sabrina Hajsok

Samantha Johnson

Grace Judith

Jillian Kaplan

Jaimie Liu

Paulina Mostek

Andrea Moussan

Nicole Nissel

Erin O’Meara

Jenna Olsakowski

Renée Shen

Darshini Saravanan

Julia Wiersum

Alana Wilck

Morgan Yurchuk


Spanish Society Inductees;

Adam Agudelo

Natasha Alessandra

Kathryn Altman

Ross Brenner

Kirsten Calantone*

Emma Coe*

Jordan Coyle

Carolyn Dagostino

Andrew Daleo

Hannah De Oliveira*

Jenna Doran

Jessica Everitt

Nicole Gehan*

Emily Gerber*

Zachary Kozma

Gagin Lee*

Yuri Linn

Alex Kased

Abby Loveys

Patrick Lucus*

Sarah Lushaj

Jim McConvery

Annalisa Mechanick

Katelyn Messina

Olivia Meyers

Julia Miao

Alexandra Miele

Morgan Miller

Laura Murillo*

Meghan O’Malley

Kate O’Neill

Richa Patel   

Madelyn Pokorny

Ryan Polesuk

Maria F. Sánchez

Samira Santana

Carly Snarski*

Anthony Sofia

Mailynn Soto*

Dana Stark

Laura Vreeland

Tyler Weinroth

Grace Williams

Alina Wolfenson

Tommy Yager